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Take Advantage of your iPhone and iPad

Presentation for Allen & Co, April 2014




1. Quickly search: Pull down from the top to get a search box.

2. Quickly switch among apps: Double-tap the Home button, then scroll through to find the app you want and click on it. Or use 4 fingers to swipe left or right, which takes you to the previous app. (You must have Multitasking Gestures turned on in Settings > General)

3. Get to the Control Center: Swipe up from the very bottom center of the screen. What you can do here:

  • Go in and out of Airplane Mode
  • Turn wifi on and off
  • Turn screen rotation lock on and off
  • Turn volume up and down
  • Turn brightness up and down
  • Turn Do Not Disturb on and off
  • Get to the camera

4. Get to the Notification Center: Swipe down from the top center of the screen. Can set it up for certain apps to notify you, in Settings > Notification Center.

5. Get to the camera when device is locked: Swipe up from the very bottom right of the screen.

6. Add a webpage to your app screen: Go to the page in Safari, click on the square with the arrow in it, and choose Add to Home Screen.



1. Set lock screen and wallpaper: Go into Settings > Wallpapers & Brightness > click Choose Wallpaper

2. Moving apps around: Click and hold an app until it wiggles. Then drag it anywhere you want.

3. Group apps into folders: Click and hold an app until it wiggles, drag it on top of another app, and then give the folder a name of your choice.

4. Do Not Disturb: You can set times when you don’t want your iPhone or iPad to bother you. Can still allow calls from certain people.



1. If one app is sluggish or the device is slow: Quit an app by closing it, double-tapping the Home button, scrolling until you find the app that you want to quit, and flicking the app up. (Apps stay running until you quit them.)

2. If the device is sluggish: Turn it off by holding top button until you see the red “slide to power off” message. Power it off. Then turn it back on by pressing the top button.

3. If the device is still sluggish: Reboot by holding top and Home buttons simultaneously until you see the Apple logo. (The iPad needs restarting, just like any computer does!) 

4. Conserve battery life by going into Airplane mode or turning down brightness (both in Control Center) or by quitting out of unused apps.



Accounts are set up in Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars

Options for customization:

  • Set signature: Set it by account
  • Default accounts: Very important especially for contacts and calendars! Make sure your new entries are going to the right place!

What to try when you have problems:

  • If you’re having “disappearing email” problem: Try turning off Organize By Thread in Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars
  • Reboot phone
  • Turn off the email and turn it back on
  • Delete entire account and re-add it



To set it up: Go to Settings > iCloud and make sure you’re logged in to your account. It might be the account you buy stuff on iTunes with; it might not.

What it can do:

  • Backup:  Happens automatically when your device is connected to a power source and on a wifi network. To set it up: Go to Settings > iCloud > Storage & Backup and turn on iCloud Backup. Note: Make sure you have enough iCloud storage space (you only get 5GB for free)!
  • Find My iPhone: Location, remote lock, remote wipe
  • Lets you buy things in iTunes (apps, music, videos) and have them available on any device. Make sure you’re signed in at Settings > iTunes
  • With Photo Stream, syncs your last 1000 photos or last month of photos among devices. To turn it on: Settings > Photos & Camera > My Photo Stream
  • Web browsing: Sync bookmarks and tabs. In Safari on a Mac, or in Chrome or Firefox on a PC.
    For Mac: Need to turn on in Settings > iCloud > Safari. To use: Click the cloud in Safari.
    For PC: Need to download iCloud Control Panel
    And need to download browser extensions



1. Run latest updates! Security flaw in iOS means you should be on 7.0.6 or later (or on 6.1.6 if you’re in iOS 6). How to check: Settings > General > About

2. 4-digit lock code. Encrypts all the data on the phone. This is mandatory for all employees and it’s a good thing.

  • How to reset the lock code: Go to Settings > Passcode. You’ll need to enter your password. Then choose Change Passcode. Also make sure it’s set to Require Passcode: Immediately.
  • How to set your device to auto-lock: Settings > General > Auto-Lock



My top 3 apps for fun (all free):

1. Snapseed

2. Epicurious

3. App Advice



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