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iTips and iTricks


 These tips and tricks for using iPhone and iPad were presented to at the Reuters event in December 2012.


Top 5 iPhone and iPad General Tips

1) If the device is sluggish: Reboot by holding top and Home buttons simultaneously until you see the Apple logo.

2) Quickly switch among apps: Double-tap the Home button, then scroll through to find the app you want.

3) Quickly change volume and brightness: Double-tap Home button, then swipe right at the very bottom of the screen.

4) Quit an app by closing it, double-tapping the Home button, holding the icon along the bottom until it shakes, and pressing the minus sign. If you have too many apps running simultaneously your iPhone/iPad can become sluggish.

5) Group apps into folders: drag one app on top of another.

Bonus: Conserve battery life by going into Airplane mode, turning down brightness, and/or turning off wifi.


Top 5 Apps for Productivity

1) Sync documents: Dropbox, free for up to 2GB, $10/month for up to 50GB

2) Create, edit, and read Excel, Word, and PowerPoint documents: QuickOffice, $15 for iPhone, $20 for iPad

3) Scan business cards and have the contents automatically entered into your address book: CamCard, $3

4) Meeting notes: Notability, $1. Take notes by hand or by typing; click on the text to hear the audio recorded at that moment. Use it with the Adonit Jot Pen, $20. Great pen for taking written notes.

5) Track expenses: BizXpense Tracker, $6. Data can be exported or synced with DropBox. Log data by client. Take pictures of receipts and link them to expenses.

Bonus: Store and organize all kinds of information: Evernote, free


Top 5 Apps for Travel

1) Find what's good, either by specific location or based on where you are: TripAdvisor, free

2) Translation: Google Translate, free. You can either type or speak words and phrases, and have it translated into dozens of languages.

3) What amenities are in the airport: FlySmart (iPhone only), free.

4) Currency converter: Xe, free. Can see multiple currencies at once.

5) Choose the best seat on the plane: SeatGuru, free. Use it when booking your flight to make sure your seat reclines, see if you can get seat power, and not sit next to the bathroom.

Bonus: Find good food nearby with UrbanSpoon (iPhone only), free


Top 5 Apps for Photo Taking and Editing

1) Photo Stream, free with iCloud (which is also free). Get the most recent photos showing up on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

2) Snapseed, $5. Our favorite iPad app for editing photos, because it's easy to use yet there are hundreds of options. We think it's better than the iPhoto app.

3) Camera+, $1. Great photo-taking and photo-editing app.

4) TiltShiftGen, $1. This app does only one thing, but it does it very well: It makes only a tiny bit of the photo in focus, which creates an unusual effect. Try it!

5) The Wider Image, free. This iPad app shows off the incredible photojournalism work done by Reuters photographers. You can look at images by date, by location, even by photographer. An amazing body of work that is inspirational for even the most amateur photographer.


Top 5 Apps for Music

Most of these apps let you log in with Facebook.

1) Pandora, free. Create your own custom radio station based on a specific musician. There are ads.

2) Spotify, app is free but to listen on a mobile device is $10/month (you can listen for free on computer only). Listen to any song of your choice; almost every major artist and label is represented.

3) Rhapsody (iPhone only), app is free but service is $10/month. Similar to Spotify although has only 13 million songs compared to Spotify's 15 million.

4) Sound Hound, free. Can identify the song that is playing.

5) Sonos, app is free; price for hardware varies. Manage your home music system from your iPhone or iPad.


Top 5 Social Media Apps

1) Hootsuite, free. Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter all in one app. Plus your Twitter lists, searches, Facebook business pages.

2) Seesmic (iPhone only), free. Does a good job of maximizing the small screen.

3) MyPad+, $1. Facebook, Twitter (although no lists), and Instagram.

4) Pinterest, free.

5) Feeddler, free. For reading blogs you've set up in Google Reader (RSS reader).


Top 5 NYC Specific Apps

1) HopStop, free. Gives travel directions by different methods of transportation. Also has transit maps, schedules for NJT and LIRR, and subway service advisories.

2) Exit Strategy (iPhone only), $4. Tells you which subway car is closest to the exit at your stop.Web, free. 

3) Uber, free. Request a car service, the car arrives within 10 minutes, and the cost for the ride (including tip) goes straight to your credit card.

4) MenuPages (iPhone only), free. Find restaurants near you by cuisine, distance, or rating.

5) Seamless, free. Order food straight for delivery from your iPhone or iPad.


Top 4 Security Tips

1) Set a 4-digit lock code. Encodes all the data on the phone.

2) Put an “If Found” screen on it: Wallpaper LockScreen Text, $1

3) Track your iPad if it’s lost or stolen, and remotely wipe it: Find My iPhone, free

4) Store and manage your passwords: 1Password, $10. Use Dropbox to sync with the desktop version.



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