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NAPO 2012: Stay Organized in the Cloud

Use the cloud to be more productive and organized, and help your clients use the cloud so they can be more productive and organized.


What is the Cloud?

Instead of your digital stuff being stored on your computer, it’s being stored on a server somewhere else out in the world. It allows you access from anywhere, and allows you to automatically keep the same info on multiple devices. The cloud has existed for awhile (AOL, Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo).


Email, Calendar, Contacts

Sync data across Mac, PC, iPhone, Android, BlackBerry.

1. IMAP mail for mail only; available through many providers

2. Gmail and Google Apps

3. iCloud. If you don’t want a me.com email address, keep the email address you have and use iCloud for contacts and calendar only.

4. Microsoft Exchange. There are many companies offering Hosted Exchange for a monthly fee. We recommend Intermedia for Hosted Exchange.



1. Google Docs: Free, share documents with others, multiple people can work simultaneously on the same document.

2. Dropbox: Free for up to 2GB, saves local copy, lots of other applications that work with it.

3. Document signing: EchoSign, free to try then $15/month, and DocuSign, free to try then $15/month

4. Office 365: Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint in the cloud, starts at $6/month



1. Dropbox

2. Evernote: Like the combo of a bulletin board and file cabinet, stores all kinds of digital information. Free.

3. Neat: Works with their desktop scanners, stores files in proprietary format, does OCR. Monthly fee. Coming out later this spring.



1. QuickBooks Online: Starts at $13/month

2. Mint: Free, analyzes the current state of your finances.


To Dos

1. Remember the Milk: Syncs with iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry. Get email or text message reminders. Free.

2. Todo: The iPhone/iPad app is $5; additional $20/year for sync with website, also syncs with iCal on Mac and Outlook on PC.


Project Management

1. Basecamp, starts at $50/month

2. Zoho, starts at $20/month


Client Relationship Management

1. Highrise, starts at $24/month

2. Salesforce, starts at $15/month, many other systems have been designed to work with it



1. Bookmarks: Xmarks, works with Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Chrome, free for basic plan, $12/year for sync with iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry. iCloud, for Safari and Internet Explorer bookmarks, syncs with iPhone and iPad, free. Firefox, built-in bookmark sync, with Firefox on other computers only, free.

2. Music: iTunes Match in iCloud, syncs with iPhone and iPad, $25/year. Google Play, syncs with Android. Amazon CloudDrive, free for 5GB, paid plans start at $20/year for 20GB.



1. Flickr, free for basic plan

2. Shutterfly

3. iCloud Photo Stream, free

4. Picasa, free

5. SmugMug, starts at $5/month



Password management: 1Password which can sync using Dropbox, Passpack for multiple people sharing passwords



1. Crashplan, starts at $5/month

2. Carbonite, starts at $59/year

3. Mozy, starts at $6/month

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