Tech Tools for the Art World: iPad Apps

Top iPad apps for art professionals, discussed at the Tech Tools for the Art World panel discussion held on May 22, 2012.



The iPad is an amazing presentation tool. Here’s how to take advantage of its visual capabilities.

Apps for showing work that have an extensive back-end system and are priced accordingly:

Portfolio apps that allow you to include specifications and allow you to have multiple portfolios:

These are standalone apps, which means you will need to enter all the data manually.



Many of our clients are doing work on the iPad when out of the office. In addition to email, here are a few other ways to use it for work:

  • Dropbox for access to all work files is essential (free under 2GB)
  • Word, Excel docs on it: Documents To Go ($10), QuickOffice Pro ($20)
  • FileMaker Go, if you’re using FileMaker



Collect contact information in person, at a show or event, and then import the data to your computer as a spreadsheet.

You can’t use any of the business card scanner apps designed for the iPhone, as the camera on the iPad isn’t good enough (yet). For the iPhone, check out ScanBizCards, $7.

Allow contacts to put their own info directly into your iPad with the following apps:

  • CounterCulture, $5, collects name and email only (no addresses)
  • FormConnect, $10, create custom forms, design options are limited
  • Bento, $5, create databases, design options are limited



The iPad can be used for tracking expenses:

  • BizXpense Tracker, $6: Data can be exported or synced with DropBox. You can log data by client. You can take pictures of receipts and link them to expenses.
  • iExpensesClaim, $1: Data can be exported in CSV format. You can take pictures of receipts as well.



These are basic security considerations to keep in mind when using your iPad for business.

So nobody can look at your data: 

  • Use a lock code, and set it to lock after a few minutes
  • Put an “If Found” screen on it (Wallpaper LockScreen Text, $1) 
  • Track your iPad if it’s lost or stolen, and remotely wipe it (Find My iPhone, free)

So nobody can walk away with your iPad:

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